Are you looking for Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Chicago?

We install new hardwood floors as well as doing stairs and baseboards. Every floor needs some renewing after time so our professionals also repair, sand, and stain all kinds of wood flooring. Make sure your home is looking fresh and new starting with your hard wood floors. Free estimate is included.

For Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Hardwood Floor Installation in Chicago Call +1.773.622.8127
  • We vacuum or sweep your floor  with a soft-bristled attachment or broom, especially in high-traffic areas. This prevents gritty dirt and particle buildup that can scratch the wood’s surface.
  • We recommend wipe up spills and spots immediately with  Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Cleaner applied directly to a clean white cloth.
  • Wood Subfloors either plywood or OSB board. Installing a floor we always make sure that is structurally sound and free from movement.
  • Concrete subfloors. When installing hardwood flooring on concrete,we make sure is 30 days old, and must have passed all moisture tests.
  • Hardwood flooring could be installed over radiant heating systems, only if approved and recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Hardwood flooring could also be installed over tile, stone, bamboo and vinyl. These surfaces must be checked for integrity prior hardwood installation.